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Wiki for Online Reputation Management

Basics and Strategies for Organizations, Businesses, Entrepreneurs, and Marketers

This course will provide an overview of the world’s largest encyclopedia and how this site affects online reputation management along with the rules and best practices of interacting with wiki sites, specifically Wikipedia.

Wikipedia is an important factor in Online Reputation Management for many businesses, entrepreneurs, personalities, and their marketing professionals. Yet, simply put, you need a certain level of basic knowledge and strategy before interacting with the site and community, especially when it pertains to you, your company, or your clients. Reap the vast benefits of Wikipedia without frustrations like improvement banners, threats of deletion, or even getting blacklisted.

You will learn:

  • Avoid the pitfalls of beginner Wikipedians
  • “Behind-the-scenes” overview of the site
  • Pros and cons of having a page
  • Understanding more about Wikipedia’s mission and general guidelines
  • Walk through the process of establishing a profile
  • How and when to disclose conflicts of interest/paid editing
  • Basics of editing

There will also be module about other wiki-based sites and their potential use to your marketing and online reputation management strategy.

Pre-Sale: $99 (Limited Availability)
Course Begins: September 2018
Course Fee: $199

Notes: By clicking “Buy This Course” you will be instructed to register for the site and an email will be sent to you. If you don’t receive it, check your Spam folder. Once you have set your password, you will be able to log in and pay for the course. Modules will begin to appear in late August with the full course launch in September.



About the Instructor: Andy Davis has been a professional Wikipedian for 7 years as the owner of Singing River Media and resides on the Gulf Coast of Florida. He holds multiple degrees in education, music, administration and instructional technology. Andy is an award-winning singer along with being a sportswriter covering small college football while his favorite sport is figure skating. Process that random mix of things a while.