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Boost Your Online Reputation Via Wikipedia

Why do you need a Wikipedia page?

Online Reputation Management (yes, that’s a thing) is important for every entrepreneur, brand, or company. Wikipedia is a big part of the ORM equation, even more important than your website, social media, and press mentions.

Consider a few things:
  • Wikipedia is the world’s largest and most popular source of information having over 550 million unique visitors a month and being consulted by over 3,000 users per second.
  • With a Domain Authority of 100 (highest possible), Wikipedia shows up at the top of online search results, usually within the first five on any search engine.
  • Wikipedia has vast SEO benefits and can be the largest referring site to your own website.
  • Media articles used on Wikipedia pages as references gain strength in search engine algorithms, thus showing up higher in search results.
  • Having a Wikipedia page enhances visibility and instantly gives you and your company credibility to the masses.
  • The Google Knowledge Graph (displayed in the right sidebar of search results) and digital assistants (like Alexa and Siri) pull information from the site.
How do I get one?

Within a few minutes of researching how to contribute to Wikipedia, you’ll feel a bit daunted by the details. That’s where we step in. Being seasoned Wikipedians, Wiki Curator (a division of Singing River Media) uses our best practices to produce unbiased, encyclopedic articles for the site that help to complete and improve a person or entity’s online reputation.

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