Wiki Services

Wikipedia Audit

For $150, I will provide an in-depth report including what information should be on the page along with compiling a list of the most reputable media mentions to use as references and evaluating notability (per Wikipedia’s strict guidelines) while giving feedback on how to best attain success on Wikipedia. It’s the best first step of the process.

Wikipedia Draft/Submit

For $250, I will work with you to compile and finalize a well-written and referenced article that will be submitted to Wikipedia for review as part of the Draft Submission Process (their preferred method for new pages). This rate is for up to five hours of work including research, communication with you, draft previews, edits, and submitting to the site. In-depth articles that exceed this time will be billed hourly. Invoices are sent via PayPal and due up front. When the page is uploaded the package is complete. Further consulting is done at my hourly rate.

Wikipedia Page Monitoring

For a fee of $50 per month (or the initial discounted rate of $250 for six months – which is one month for free), I will monitor your article twice per week. You will be notified of any changes to the page by others and the need for potential edits. I will send a monthly report of pageviews and editing activity. Any necessary edits to the page will be billed hourly, upon your approval.

Isan Page 

For $150, I will provide you with a content-protected page on my new wiki encyclopedia, Isan. This site provides search engine optimization (SEO) and legacy online reputation management (ORM) benefits, much like Wikipedia, without the hassles of the community administration of that site. This site is meant to work as a temporary page for those awaiting acceptance to Wikipedia or in lieu of a page on that site for those that have been rejected. It’s also a good choice for those wanting to disseminate content that can’t be edited by random site members. Clients with a Wikipedia draft will have a discounted rate for this service.

Other Wiki Sites 

For $150, I will edit and submit our draft to work on other wiki sites, like Everipedia or local wikis. Clients with a Wikipedia draft will have a discounted rate for this service.

Wiki Curator FAQ

Wiki Testimonials 

*Note to Upwork clients: Rates for our work on that site is increased by 20% due to their fees.